Press Release


Vista, California -  March 25, 2014

Sunflowerguy.com launches new, easier to use online Sunflower store.


Send ridiculously fresh Sunflowers overnight. 


It's official.  The Sunflowerguy.com has redesigned its website to make Sunflower bouquet online ordering easier.  There are new bouquets, vases and even a new delivery box design. 

Sunflowerguy.com was created for one reason - to bring smiles to millions.  We aim to provide the freshest, most beautiful Sunflower bouquets to recipients across the U.S.  Located in north, San Diego County where the cool coastal climate, rich soil and abundant sunshine provide an ideal growing condition. 

Sunflowerguy.com has a better way to ship the bouquets.  Our unique, patented shipping box provides hydration and does not compress or damage the bouquets in transit.  

Upon arrival.  All that is required is to "unzip" the box, lift out the hand-made bouquet, add a little water and watch the smiles begin.