Fun Sunflowers at the Fair

We are getting lots of visitors to our display at the San Diego Fair.  Our Sunflowers and the VW van look very good together.  Flower and Power for sure! 

Swing by and visit.  Send us an email and we will send you a coupon code for a discount on any bouquet you choose. 

Graduation Day is Fast approaching!

They have worked so hard!  Sure it was your money and your advice for them to keep studying but now they have done it!  Reward your new graduate with a beautiful Sunflower Guy bouquet.  He or she will be grinning from ear to ear on their graduation day.  

Your Mom is an MVP too!

"Mom you are the real MVP."  NBA player and newly-named MVP, Kevin Durant, gave a touching  acceptance speech, thanking his Mom for everything that she sacrificed to get him where he is today.  Your Mom is the real MVP too!  Thank her by sending her a bouquet of Sunflowers for Mother's Day.  MOM10 in the coupon code section and send smiles today!

She has been your Mom forever!

She has been your Mom forever and seen you through so many ups and downs.  Bring a big smile to her face by sending her beautiful Sunflowers for Mother's Day. It's a perfect way to thank her for everything!  Coupon Code:  MOM10

Thank your Mom

How do you thank your Mom for $3,049 loads of laundry that she did for you before you were able to do your own?  Easy....Sunday is Mother's Day.  Send her a bouquet of California Sunflowers and watch the smiles begin!


Kids and Sunflowers

This bouquet was sent to honor a special Admin on Admin Professional's Day however it looks like two future Admin's or future President's (whatever they choose) are loving these Sunflowers also.  Too cute. 

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