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Sunflower Guy in the Community
1/18/12 - Kroger Golf Tournament - 2 Bottles of Tequila
1/14/12 - City of Vista Rita L. Geldert Retirement charged Cost.
1/16/12 - Tequilla gift basket for Fry's Silent Auction
2/3/12 - 500 Wrist Corsages for YMCA Father Daughter Event
2/25/12 - Chelsea's Run 2600 Suns steps, 26 arrangements, 6 boutonnieres
3/28/12 - 10 arrangements for YMCA event
4/19/12 - Meals on Wheels Luncheon, 13 Special Bouqets, 30 Centerpeices
4/27/12 - Tracy's Golf Tournament, 20 Table Arrangments
4/24/12 - Alzheimer's Group Tour, bouquets donated
4/27/12 - National Charity League, 40 Arrangements
5/4/12 - La Jolla Charter Day School, 65 Arrangements
5/8/12 - Meals on Wheels Annual Board Meeting, 11 Arrangements, 18 Bouquets
5/8/12 - Home Aid of San Diego 65 Arrangements 
5/9/12 - Care House, 150 Bouquets we charged cost.
5/21/12 - American Cnacer Golf Tournament, 130 Bouquets charged cost
5/22/12 - Ripon High School, 30 Bouquets charged cost
5/30/12 - Pacific View Charter 4 Tall Floral Sprays for the stage (graduation)
6/3/12 - Chelsea's Light Foundation 22 Arrangements
6/7/12 - 3 Special Presentation Bouquets for Miss Fil-Am - Malou
6/18/12 - Talent Factory Dance Studio, 80 Bouquets paid cost
6/30/12 - Meals on Wheels Gala, 60 Arrangements 5 Bouquets
8/11/12 - Promis 2 Kids, 70 Arrangements for gala
10/15/12 - Challenged Athletics Foundation, 70 Bunches Suns, 56 Bunches Filler, 20 Bunches Greens
10/18/12 - Pac West Bank,1 Arrangement
10/23/12 - Navy Seal Wives Organization, 13 Arrangements
10/23/12 - Refugee Network of San Diego, 10 Centerpeices and 2 Tall Vase Arrangements
11/13/12 - Angel Depot Donation, 30 Centerpieces and 2 Tall Vase Arrangements
12/13/12 - W.F. Bank, 8 Table Toppers
12/6/12 - YPO, 7 Tall Curly Willow Trees, 8 Sunflower Arrangements, 7 Tall Vase Arrangements



Bouquets for Meals on Wheels this year 140

Blooms from the Heart

SunflowerGuy.com donates the "happiest flower on earth" to Blooms from the Heart who creates arrangements to send a message of caring and compassion to those in need to San Diego area hospitals, senior homes, hospice centers and other facilities where they can be enjoyed.

Petals for Patriots

SunflowerGuy.com is proud to support our troops! We work with Petals for Patriots to provide flowers/bouquets to returning hospitalized and sick veterans.

Second Quarter 2010

Naval Hospital on Camp Pendelton

Donation: 5000 Sunflowers 
The Sunflower Guy donated flowers to the hospital to give to patients, staff and visitors as a thank-you for their service.


First Quarter 2010 

Donation: Bouquets
Carehouse provides help both financially and emotionally for troubled teenaged girls including housing them. Sunflower Guy made 200 bouquets for their fundraising event which were sold.

Petals for Patriots
Donation: Wedding Flowers for Wounded Soldier and his Bride
Recently, a soldier lost both legs in combat and he and his bride had very little money for their wedding. Sunflower Guy donated many varieties which were all made into wedding flowers for their Balboa Park nuptials.

American Cancer Society 2010
Donation: Bouquets
Sunflower Guy donated approximately 250 bouquets to a fundraising event they hold. Sunflower Guy has been donating to this fundraiser for the past five years.

Park Village Elementary School
Donation: Table toppers for fundraiser event
Sunflower Guy made a donation for the Park Village Elementary School graduation event and fundraiser.

Edgar Edgars YMCA event
Donation: Bouquets and cut flowers
Sunflower Guy donates many flowers to YMCA fundraisers including this one for the Magdalena Ecke YMCA.

Donation: Birthday flowers for each MOW recipient throughout the year
gala luncheon tabletoppers
Bouquets for all north county volunteers 2010

Sunflower Guy donates 240 Bouquets to Volunteers and weekly to Birthday Mow recipients.

Scripps Art Walk Little Italy
Donation: Sunflowers
Sunflower Guy supported the downtown community by providing single stem Sunflowers for the Scripps Art Walk fundraiser.

San Dieguito Garden Club
Donation: Bouquets
The San Dieguito Garden Club donated Sunflowers to Petals for Patriots. Sunflower Guy provided red Sunflowers, baby's breath and greens.

Women's Hall of Fame Awards @ Balboa Park
Donation: Flowers
Sunflower Guy donated bouquets and tabletoppers for this annual event which recognizes outstanding women.

Capri Elementary School Fundraiser
Donation: Bouquets
Sunflower Guy provided specially made bouquets to the school which they sold for profit.

Albertson's Tour of DG
Donation: Bouquets
Sunflower Guy hosted Albertson's employees from central and southern California, giving them tour and teaching them how to make bouquets. All of which we donated to them.

The Jenna Druck Foundation Fundraiser
Donation: Bouquets
The Jenna Druck Foundation helps families in grief and Inspires Leadership among young women. Sunflower Guy donated bouquets for their recent fundraiser.

Brownies Career Day at DG
Donation: Bouquets

Marines at Camp Pendleton
Donation: Bouquets for their return
Sunflower Guy donates bouquets for returning Marines and for family members of Marines who are serving. This is an ongoing donation.

WPO Event
Donation: Tabletoppers

Donation: 400 wrist corsages for Dads and Daughters Dance
For the last two years, Sunflower Guy has designed and made wrist corsages which we donate to the 400 pre teens who attend this event with their fathers.

Police Academy Graduation
Donation: Corsages
Sunflower Guy donated bouquets for the most recent graduation of San Diego police officers.

Michael Jackson
Donation: Over 1,500 Sunflowers
Following a public request from Lisa Marie, Sunflower Guy donated more than 1,500 Sunflowers. Sunflowers were Michael's favorite flower.

March 2009

Volunteer San Diego

February 2009

San Diego Daily Transcript: “Flower Business Blooms Through Teamwork”


NBC 7/39—SunflowerGuy.com featured on morning news with Whitney Southwick

Scripps Clinics

50,000 stems to patients and staff

KUSI News at Ten

February 5, 2009
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17 Univision—KBNT 
February 5, 2009
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FOX 5 News at 10pm—KSWB
February 5, 2009
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Subject: Scripps: 02/06/2009: 50- thousand sunflowers
Program: Good Morning San Diego First Ed
February 6, 2009

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KUSI News at Ten
February 5, 2009
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Marine Homecomings

Donated sunflower bouquets for soldiers and their families


Meals on Wheels—Awarded Corporate Citizen of the Year for 2008

Blooms from the Heart

Petals for Patriots

Vista Chamber of Commerce

Meals on Wheels 
Angel Depot 
San Diego Fair: Award for best use of Sunflowers
S.D. Woman’s Museum 
American Cancer Golf Tournament 
S.D. Cancer Society Daffodil Days Fundraiser
Quail Botanical Gardens Gala
Naturvet Foundation golf tournament 
Vista Garden Club 
North Coast Special Education Awards Ceremony
San Diego Phillipino Association Cultural awareness day
A.L.S. Society 
Ca. State Floral Assoc. Legislative Day 
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce
Big Brothers/ Big Sisters Golf Tournament
Fallbrook 4-H 
American Floral Endowment 
The Refugee Network 
Stater Bros. Cancer fundraising 
The Guidance Center 
Challenged Athletes Foundation 
Carlsbad School District 
Paula’s Pals MDA research


Donations for Fall 2010

October 25th:

Ecke - Jack Williams Memorial - 10 Centerpieces and 2 Tall podium Arrangements

October November 1st:

Kellie King - Memorial Arrangement for Venter plus Fed EX

November 3rd:

Lymphoma Fundraiser - 5 Table Toppers

November 4th:

Vista Garden Club Scholarship Luncheon - 5 Large Bouquets

November 5th:

Cathy at Rene© van Rems International - Large Memorial Arrangement

November 11th:

Anniversary vase arrangement

November 17th:

Angel Depot - Centerpieces for their Gala

Weekly Donations - Petals for PatriotsMeals on Wheels